Obion County Emergency Communications District (E-911) has been housed in the old Union City Fire Station 2 at the corner of S. Home and Howard St. since 1991. In Sept. 2005, the City of Union City donated the building to the ECD so that we could do renovations to it.

In our Phase I renovation, we transformed the old firetruck bay into a state-of-the-art dispatch center with an all-new radio dispatch system and 3 sit-to-stand motorized console desks, We kept our old console system working as a backup, for redundancy purposes.


Our new dispatch area features a “storm-proof” equipment & storage room designed to protect our personnel and our servers should the building take a direct hit.

In June 2013, the Board of Directors purchased the property adjoining ours. In June 2014, demolition of the house and leveling of the lot was completed, making the way for Phase 3 of the renovations, including construction of a parking lot and a garage to house the agency’s vehicles. Phase 3 was completed in December 2015.


Additional work included general repair to the building, such as replacement of soffit boards and covering of the soffit with commercial covering.

In Phase 2, we gutted the original building and created a new home for our administrative offices and Board room and created a mapping and training office. Added in with this phase was a full galley kitchen, and an outdoor storage room was built onto the south end of the building.

Phase 1

Phase 3

Phase 2

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