Obion County Emergency Communications District (E-911) provides services apart from dispatching.

911 Services

Obion County 911 provides a free storm shelter registry service. When the owner of a storm shelter requests, 911 personnel will take GPS coordinates of the storm shelter and provide those coordinates to the owner of the shelter. The registry information is kept private and is held at the 911 office. It will be released only if a devastating storm affects the area where a storm shelter is located.


A local fire chief observed what a tragedy it would be for someone to survive a storm in a shelter and then perish because debris blocked that personís exit and rescuers didnít know there was a storm shelter on a property.

Storm Shelter Registry

When the emergency responders are called to an incident that requires them to be on-scene for a long period of time, sometimes it is necessary for them to have provisions, such as beverages and food, taken to the them. They cannot leave their post, and they must have sustenance to continue their mission.


Most of the departmentsí personnel work on a volunteer basis with NO or very little pay. When a large scale incident occurs, if available, 911 personnel will call several local businesses for small donations of food and beverages to form a meal for the responders who are on scene.

Assistance to Emergency Services

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