In Memoriam

There are some we meet in passing
And forget as soon as they go
There are some we remember with pleasure
And feel honoured and privileged to know
You were that kind of person
Who leaves beautiful memories behind
And there will be many days
Which will bring fond memories to mind

Patsy Grooms, Dispatcher                     1938-1998

Known for her distinctive voice, her love of her family, and her fierce dedication to her job, Patsy Grooms was known as “Mama Patsy” to many.

Ira Bingham, Jr., Treasurer                    1922-1999

Mr. Bingham brought a business savvy to the Board of Directors like no other. He taught us well and kept our hearts light!

Clifford McWherter, Board Member      1921-2000

Mr. McWherter was one of the original Board members. We are thankful to him and that group of people who believed in us enough to make us what we are today.

Mary Hollomon, Dispatcher                   1953-2007

She was “Little Mary Sunshine” to us here, “Susie” to her family, but to everyone she was known for working hard and for being kind. She is still missed.

Harold Jenkins, Treasurer                     1929-2012

“Mr. J.” was named treasurer after Mr. Bingham’s passing, and he taught us all well about financial matters and about life in general. He was a good man, and he is missed.

Claire McCollum, Board Member          1928-2012

Mrs. McCollum was an inaugural member of the Board as well. She was the UT Extension Agent for Obion County for 33 years and was well-known in the county.

Charles Hutchinson, Board Member     1923-2012

Mr. Hutchinson was a founding member of the Board of Directors. He was a retired farmer and former county commissioner. He loved model railroading and making up his own jokes.

Sharon Thomason Webb, Past Dispatcher   1945-2014

Mrs. Webb was a dispatcher for the agency before resigning due to health reasons. She was working part-time as the office manager for her son’s business at the time of her sudden passing. She spoke often of her desire to return to 911 and her love for the agency.

Rose Flowers, Dispatcher                      1961-2016

Rose became a part of the 911 family in April 2015, and we were all shocked and saddened by her sudden passing on March 31, 2016. She is missed.

Kenny Thurmond, Board Member         1940-2017

Mr. Thurmond was appointed to the Board in 2004, where he served on our Budget and Finance Committee. He was fiercely dedicated to 911, and his presence is missed.