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Resolution Establishing ECD

The Obion County Emergency Communications District Enhanced 911 was established by a county referendum on March 8, 1988.


The Obion County Emergency Communications District was given the authority to re-address the County by resolution of the Obion County Legislative Body. The resolution is as follows:


“WHEREAS, the Obion County Legislative Body proposed the establishment of an Emergency Communication District by calling for a referendum with the provisions of Chapter 867 of the 1984 Public Acts [now codified as T.C.A. 7086-101, seq.]; and,


WHEREAS, Such a Referendum was held on March 8, 1988, and the matter was approved by a ninety-four percent (94%) of the voters participating in such referendum in Obion County; and,


WHEREAS, the County Legislative Body formally established such a District and appointed a Board of Directors pursuant to Resolution 21 on May 16, 1988; and,


WHEREAS, in order for the Board of Directors to provide an “ENHANCED 911 SYSTEM” in accordance with T.C.A. 7-86-102, it will be necessary to readdress all County Residents so as to provide an address that shows the specific location of the Resident.


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Obion County Emergency Communications District be authorized to devise an address system and to have posted the emergency address numbers either on the roadside mailbox in front of the residence, or in the front yard, whichever would be more visible from the road.”


This Resolution was signed by

Norris Cranford, County Executive