As our addressing personnel have travelled throughout Obion County, we have seen many homes that have NO address markings at all, while many others are marked very clearly.


We cannot stress enough to you how important it is for you to post your address so that responders can see that address from the roadway. When you are determining where to post your address, consider these factors:


 From which direction would the emergency vehicle most likely be coming?

 Is it visible from the road?

 If it were dark (rainy, stormy, etc.), would an emergency responder be able to see the address clearly?


Reflective numbers are preferred, and low-cost numbering/sign kits are available at local retailers.

Displaying Your 911 Address

Please remember to display your address

near the road and on your house.

Properly displaying your address

makes it easier for responders

to find your home

if you should

need help there!