Obion County Emergency Communications District (E-911) is the sole 911 Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for Obion County, Tennessee. We provide direct dispatch services for all municipal fire departments in Obion County and the volunteer rescue squad. In addition, our office is the official GIS mapping contact for the state, and we are the addressing authority for all rural areas of Obion County and the towns of Rives and Woodland Mills.

Our Services

All dispatchers who receive an initial or transferred 911 call in the state of Tennessee are required to be trained according to  T.C.A. § 7-86-205 and the training regulations promulgated by the Tennessee Emergency Community Board.

Dispatchers employed by Obion County Emergency Communications Board (E-911) receive training well beyond these minimum standards.

911 Call Answering

The Obion County 911 dispatch center direct dispatches calls to:


· Hornbeak Fire Department

· Kenton Fire Department

· Obion Fire Department

· Rives Fire Department

· Samburg Fire Department

· South Fulton Fire Department

· Troy Fire Department

· Union City Fire Department

· Obion County Rescue Squad


Emergency calls for Baptist Ambulance, Union City Police Department, Obion County Sheriff’s Department and surrounding agencies are transferred to their respective dispatch centers.

Emergency Dispatching

Obion County 911 serves as a 24-hour answering point for alarm companies reporting fire and medical alarms and for calls reported on the non-emergency lines.

Answering Dispatch Lines

Obion County Emergency Communications District is the GIS contact for compliance with the GIS Standards for NG911 for Emergency Communications Districts in the State of Tennessee. These standards have been implemented to ensure that the GIS data for every county across the state meets the statewide standards and matches at the county borders to create a “seamless” statewide mapping layer.

GIS Mapping