GeoConex Corporation

GeoConex® Corporation has been serving the public safety industry since 2001. GeoConex® is a leading integrator of Public Safety and Homeland Security systems. GeoConex® provides comprehensive and integrated services to government agencies in US municipalities, counties, and states. 

Industry & Other Resources

There are many agencies and vendors that provide products and services to public safety. Some of them are listed below. Click on the organization’s name to be redirected to its webpage.


Zetron offers a range of on-site services that help ensure that systems are installed and configured to run optimally and to best support their operational needs. This is important because a system that is running optimally performs its intended functions and tasks effectively, reliably and predictably.

Combix 911

Established in 1974, Combix has tried and true experience in the 911 field, which is matched by very few competitors. Combix Corporation offers a complete range of advanced Nortel Meridian CTI and GIS products and services for the public/private safety industry. Their product suite includes intelligent CTI E9-1-1 workstations, Mapping, AVL, Local ALI DBMS and entry level CAD. Their participation in national trials, such as the first Cellular Phase II trial in 1996, the first real-time Cellular Call-tracking trial in 1999, and the first National ACN demonstration at NENA 2000, exemplify their industry leadership in providing innovative solutions.

Air Evac Lifeteam

Air Evac Lifeteam is committed to providing increased access to emergency trauma care to rural Americans. In a life- or limb-threatening medical emergency, a successful patient recovery often depends on the amount of time it takes to deliver that patient to the emergency room. Approximately 90% of Air Evac's patient transports originate from a rural area as defined by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Air Evac Lifeteam believes that those who choose a rural way of life should have the same benefits when it comes to emergency care as those who choose to live in a metropolitan community.

Hospital Wing

“The Wing” is a non-profit air medical transport which provides inter-hospital transfers as well as emergency scene calls within 150 mile radius of Memphis. This area includes West Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Alabama, and Kentucky.

To contact us:


In Case of Emergency, Dial 911

Business Phone: 731-885-3316

Fax: 731-885-9455


WBBJ-TV Channel 7 Eyewitness News

WBBJ-TV Channel 7 is the ABC/CBS television affiliate broadcasting from Jackson, Tennessee.


They provide comprehensive coverage of events in West Tennessee, and their coverage of weather events has proven to be  reliable.

NewsChannel 6 WPSD-TV

Paxton Media Group LLC ("PMG") traces its roots to 1896 when a group of investors headed by W. P. Paxton launched The Paducah Sun, a newspaper in Paducah, Kentucky. Edwin J. Paxton, son of W. F. Paxton, became editor and publisher of the newspaper in 1900 and held both positions until his death in 1961.

Today, PMG is a diversified media company with interests in newspapers, printing, and broadcasting and is still owned and managed by third and fourth generation members of the Paxton family. PMG owns thirty-two daily newspapers and numerous weekly newspapers across the mid-western and southeastern United States. In addition, PMG operates WPSD Local 6, a NBC affiliate television station in Paducah, Kentucky and a specialty publishing division. PMG is based in Paducah, Kentucky.


WPSD Local 6 serves western Kentucky, southern Illinois, southeast Missouri, and northwest Tennessee.