Staff Members

The Obion County The Obion County Emergency Communications District        (E-911) provides continuous operations in dispatch services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All employees, including the Executive Director, are qualified to dispatch under T.C.A. § 7-86-205. Obion County 911 provides a comprehensive training program which surpasses minimum standards for training proscribed by the Tennessee Emergency Communications Board.

Executive Director Sherri Hanna, ENP, CMCP, CTO

Mrs. Hanna was hired as a part-time dispatcher in 1996. She accepted a full-time dispatch position in 2002 and assisted in the training of new dispatchers. On May 1, 2005, she became Executive Director of the agency. Her administrative duties include GIS mapping and addressing.


A member of NENA and APCO, Mrs. Hanna has achieved the Emergency Number Professional certification (ENP) from NENA and has completed the NENA Center Manager Certification Program (CMCP), along with having a CTO certification.


She is currently serving as President of the Tennessee Emergency Number Association Board of Directors. She is serving on the Tennessee Emergency Communication Board’s (TECB) Training Advisory Board, which will review the current dispatcher training regulations for Tennessee and work towards a comprehensive update of them.

Jo Purdy, CTO/GIS Assistant

Mrs. Purdy is a certified Communications Training Officer (CTO). Some of the tasks of the GIS Assistant function include data collection, accuracy verification, input and reporting. Mrs. Purdy also still functions in the role of dispatcher as needed.

Garry Roberts

Mr. Roberts is a full-time dispatcher.

Will Carnes

Mr. Carnes is a full-time dispatcher.

Alison Watson

Ms. Watson is a full-time dispatcher.

Tamika McKinnie

Mrs. McKinnie is a part-time dispatcher.

Carol Easley

Ms. Easley is a full-time dispatcher.

Joseph Cochran

Mr. Cochran is a full-time dispatcher.